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Elaine Marie Benes "A pretty woman, kind of short, big wall o'hair, face like a frying pan" (George). Elaine is more or less a woman with principals; a fur-disrespecting vegetarian - who sometimes eats fish. Elaine is the only person who had a respectable job during the nine seasons, until she changed her position with George, and she lost her job, her boyfriend, and her dignity during the jujy-fruit disaster.
"Don't you see what's happening here?" she asked Jerry; "I become George! I'm George!" Fortunately she started a new career working on the J. Peterman Catalog, and was able to share her miss happenings with her colleagues there.
She never had a problem dating men and starting relationships. Keeping the relationships was more her problem. Her longest relationship was with David Puddy; a face panting fur-wearing car salesman.
Elaine's Nickname was "Nip", after she showed a nipple on a Christmas card, created by Kramer. Elaine and Kramer didn't realize her blouse was not fully buttoned and that her breast nipple was exposed to the camera lens. When Elaine first saw the mistake, she cried "Oh my God, that's my Nipple!" For this little Yuletide photo faux-pas she was nicknamed "The Nip" by her coworkers at Pendant Publishing. Elaine later cropped the nipple part off the photograph and used it for her health club ID.
On one Episode, she states that she had sex 37 times with Jerry.
Elaine never flew first class.
Classic Elaine Moments:
Refuses to remove her Baltimore Orioles cap while sitting in George Steinbrenner's private box at Yankee Stadium. ("The Letter") Laughs uncontrollably during a piano recital when Jerry puts a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser on her leg. ("The Pez Dispenser") Does the notorious dry heave dance at a J. Peterman company party. ("The Little Kicks") Overdoses on muscle relaxants, and does an impersonation of Stanley Kowalski ("Stella!!!") from the play A Streetcar Named Desire. ("The Pen") Has a thing with explanation points!!!!!
Elaine Marie Benes More:
Real Name:Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Born: 13 January 1961, New York, New York, USA
Spouse: Brad Hall (1987 - present) 2 Children
Trade Mark: Wears a size 8 1/2 shoe, is the Daughter of Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, a French billionaire, Performed improv with Chicago's Second City and the Practical Theatre Company.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Movies:
Troll (1986), Hannah and her Sister (1986), The Art of being Nick (1986), Day by Day (1988), Christmas Vacation (1989, Chevy Chase), Jack the Bear (1993), North (1994), London Suite (1996), Father's Day (1997), Deconstruction Harry (1997), Gepetto (2000)

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